Webinar "Progress Report: Is Vermont Meeting its Energy & Climate Goals?"

Vermont Natural Resources Council

Join VECAN, VNRC and the Energy Action Network (EAN) for a webinar overviewing the recent findings of EAN’s annual report, which shows that Vermont is falling far short of meeting our clean energy and climate commitments – particularly in the transportation and heating sectors.

EAN will outline the results of this exhaustive analysis, sharing their top findings and results. They will also highlight the arenas where more progress can be made by sector – heating, transportation, electricity and more – and offer their results of the scope and scale of the investment needed. VNRC will give you an update on how this analysis will – or should – inform state policy making and priorities, as well as give you a sense of how you might use this information to focus your efforts locally or influence regional or state level efforts.

Please note: If you are listening using your computer's speakers, be sure to turn the volume up on your computer to hear the presentation. If you are listening by phone, please mute your computer's speakers.

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